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Illinois, USA

Earring Care

-Polymer Clay is water resistant and flexible, however avoid purposely bending your earrings as they can eventually break from the stress.

-Apply any fragrance, moisturizers, make-up, etc before putting your jewelry on to avoid getting it on your earrings.

-Do not wear while bathing/swimming/etc.

-To remove make up from your earrings, wipe gently with a cloth and rubbing alcohol. To clean white earrings, use nail polish remover sparingly.

-Gold plated components may tarnish over time. You can try a jewelry cloth to bring back its shine.

-It's best to store earrings hanging up if possible, and out of the sun. If store in a jewelry box, avoid stacking so that the metal posts don't rub on other polymer pieces and cause marks.

If taken care of properly, polymer clay will last and can be a staple in your collection for years to come.

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