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Illinois, USA

Marbled Hera Earrings


There is nothing more classic than an archway statement earring, and there is no exception with the Hera. Named after the Greek Goddess of family, women, and childbirth, she is quite literally the QUEEN.

Each of these Hera's are unique and one of a kind, made by using a special marbling technique. Of the 3 available pairs, one will be chosen at random for you.

Length: 62mm/2.5in

Width: 40mm/1.6in

Every pair of Yvette & Joseph earrings are slow made in small batches by hand. They are then cured in the oven, drilled, sanded, buffed and assembled all in my tiny home studio in the Midwest.

Made with polymer clay, each pair of earrings are extremely lightweight and the titanium metal post is suitable for most people (it is the most hypoallergenic metal used for jewelry, but I can't make guarantees for everyone).


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